The story so far.

Right where are we at?

I’ve been up and down like a an absolute lunatic and have changed my mind on what it is I really want and what I am going to do now.

I realised quickly a lot of these irrational feelings are to do with my hormones (or lack of) I’d been checking the post everyday, sometimes twice, waiting for the letter from the gynaecologist which should of been sent to my GP finalising my diagnosis and the medication and dosage she thinks I should be on. Mum began her menopause early at 42 and was HRT with no complaints. In fact it sorted her right out! I remember her changing and becoming an absolute witch! It’s ok I remind her of it now and again.

There was a huge scare about the risks of HRT back in the early 00’s linking it to breast cancer. Shortly after the tests were deemed unreliable. We are lucky enough to have no history of any cancers or heart problems in our family so Mum had no problem continuing her treatment. I recently watched a programme on BBC1 called Kirsty Wark: The menopause and me. It’s still available on IPlayer and definitely worth the watch. Although she was interviewing women of menopausal age they discussed the use of HRT in some depth and the potential risks far out weigh the side effects of the menopause e.g. Osteoporosis, heart problems.

At 33, that’s a long old time to be left untreated and risk bone fractures and with the recent heart palpitations I’ve been getting when I exercise it was a no brainer to begin treatment, but mainly knowing mum had used it I wasn’t concerned (because mums know everything right?!)

In my first post I mentioned about chasing up drs and hospitals etc for reframe and appointments, I can’t stress this enough. The gynaecologist said they had sent the letter to my gp, the dr said they had nothing and the fertility clinic said they had no record of my referral! I was losing my mind, pair that with my totally emotional, irrational mind set it was a nightmare.

I persisted and got there in the end. I got the hospital to email my Dr directly so I could begin the HRT and I emailed the referral letter to fertility clinic direct and they called me with an appointment for June 7th.

I am now 2 weeks into treatment and already feeling better, definitely less emotional and able to deal better with stressful situations. More of that in my next post where I have the ultimate proof of that!! Still getting the hot flushes but will wait and see how I am once I have completed a whole pack of pills. I am taking 2mg of Elleste Duet, which is made up of 2 different types of tablets which to add insult to injury you have to pay 2 lots of prescription fees for! That makes me angry.

I chose pills over patches as I reckon if the patch got a bit manky or began to peel off I’d definitely pick at it.

Right now it’s a case of focusing on my wellbeing and trying not to worry about the future. I’m a long way off having any answers but I shall remain strong and battle on.

Lots of love,


P.S don’t forget to check out Kirsty Wark’s documentary on BBC IPlayer.





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